• Structural grid, typical 10.5m x 10.5m
• Planning grid 1,500mm

• Slab to slab, typical 3,850mm
• Slab to slab, Levels 02 and 03 4,250mm
• Floor to ceiling, typical 2,750mm
• Floor to ceiling, Levels 02 and 03 3,000mm

• Raised floor zone, typical 150mm
• Raised floor zone, Levels 02 and 03 300mm
• Ceiling structure and services zone, typical 820mm

• Office floors designed for imposed loading of 4kN/sqm (including 1kN/sqm for lightweight partitions).
• 5% of floors, typically adjacent cores, designated for high loading of 7.5kN/sqm.

• Office parking and servicing at basement level, via secure entrance off Curtain Road.
• 2 car parking bays per floor
• 2 disabled car parking bays
• 3 motorcycle parking bays per floor
• 7 service bays

• High quality cyclist provisions at basement mezzanine level, entered via 2 dedicated cycle lifts on Hearn Street. In total there are 600 bicycle spaces, with adjacent shower, changing and locker facilities.
• There will be a minimum of 19 bicycle spaces for each floor.

• Ground to Level 4 (Low Rise): 4 x 26 person lifts @ 2.5m/sec
• Car & cycle parking to Ground: 2 x 33 person lifts @ 1.0m/sec

• Goods lifts (Basement to Level 15): 2 x 2,500 kg @ 2.5m/sec
• Fire fighting lift: 1 x 8 person (north goods lift acts as dual goods/fire lift)


• 600mm x 600mm module raised access floor. Allowance for floor boxes (1 per 10 sq m) and carpet tiles.


• Painted plasterboard margin with bronze anodized perimeter panel for blind box and perforated metal suspended ceiling tile on a 750mm x 750mm grid to provide maximum flexibility for partitioning, with 600mm wide linear ceiling tiles to express the 10.5m x 10.5m structural grid.
• Lighting, air diffusers, sprinkler heads, speakers, smoke detectors and other services are incorporated in 650mm wide lighting / services strips which run north-south at regular intervals. Lighting (300-400 lux) achieved via a mix of 650mm x 750mm and 650mm x 1500mm LED modules in the north-south lighting/services strips, and recessed LED downlights adjacent to the 600mm wide linear panels as necessary.

Air Conditioning:

• FCU's connected to on-floor AHU's to provide heating and air cooling to perimeter zones (4 pipe) and cooling only (2 pipe) to internal zones.


• Bespoke motorized roller blind system to all external office elevations.

• Fresh air (1.6 litres/sec/sqm) provided by on-floor AHU's which draw fresh air via louvres in the façade.
• Heating and cooling via ceiling mounted FCU's provided under the category A fit-out.
• N water cooled chillers at basement level, with space for N+1
• N+1 cooling towers at roof level

Lighting Levels:

• Office, typical 300-400 Lux
• Circulation 150 Lux

Lighting Load:

• Office, typical 12W/sqm

Small Power:

• Office, typical 25W/sqm + 15W/sqm diversified (25% net floor area - riser capacity)

Cooling Loads, typical:

• People 90W / 40W latent
• Lighting 12W/sqm
• Small Power 80W/sqm + 50W/sqm diversified (25% net floor area)

• Dual and diverse 33kV incoming supplies secured from UKPN to provide a 8MVA supply to the building, each feeder capable of independently supplying the building in the event of a single 33kV UKPN network failure.
• Landlord's standby generator to power the building's life safety systems, with 8 hours fuel autonomy at full load. Space allocated in the basement for tenant's standby generator.
• Multiple incoming cable service sleeves into the building to two separate and diverse comms intake rooms, with duplicate comms risers through the building.

The building envelope draws its inspiration from the industrial heritage of the Shoreditch area with an expressed steel frame clad in a rich, dark bronze finish. The building form has a clearly composed rhythm with articulated cores providing a strong vertical expression. Floor to ceiling glass in the form of 3m wide double and triple glazed units provide maximum light penetration and panoramic on floor views, with external framing and east/west shading elements carefully balancing the need for solar protection.

Large format porcelain tile floor. Plasterboard walls and ceiling with a recessed edge lighting detail and a dark bronze finish to the perimeter ceiling cove and lift architraves.

Porcelain floors, white Corian vanity tops and full height gloss laminate cubicle doors and partitions with high quality vitreous china sanitary fittings.